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為何看隊長小翼總會讓人流淚 Why do I cry while watching Captain Tsubasa?


新一季隊長小翼動畫又開始了, 不知是否我太感性還是真係太好看. 無論是在童年時看或是到了現在重看, 看每集時都總會令我泛起淚光. 故事裡每一個人物細膩的描寫, 都導出不同國家的青年人踢足球背後 為夢想奮鬥下所面對不同的挑戰. 有的可能是為了生存而踢足球, 有的是為了家人生活, 也有得只是為了興趣娛樂鍛鍊身體. 但從隊長小翼這故事裡, 一班以小翼為首的一班年青人, 一起背負為日本衝出國際的夢想不斷克服困難, 不怕艱辛裝備自己, 以正面的心態遇強越強, 創造一個又一個的不可能. 能夠建立一班由細到大成長的戰友群體, 大家都識英雄重英雄, 甘願拋開個人尊嚴, 為成就更大的就夢想團結一致, 更以互相欣賞的角度力求上進, 這都是我常觸動我的事情.

在現實的社會裡, 不論是在香港或是在日本. 能夠有一班共同夢想的小夥子已經很不容易. 更不用說一起去踏上世界第一之路. 但是我們仍然需要相信夢想, 更要為這份純真的夢想而繼續努力, 因為只要你願意持之以恆, 為你的興趣付諸行動. 就像太空翼一樣能夠熱愛至極, 將足球成為真正朋友. 在一天一天的努力下, 終有一天同路的人必會受到你的吸引走在一起, 與你同行為就更大的夢想.

鄧日昇 記錄於2024年1月8日


The new season of Captain Tsubasa's anime has started again. I don't know if I'm too sentimental or if it's just too good-looking. Whether I watched it as a kid or rewatched it now, every episode makes me cry. In the story, The delicate description of each character reveals the challenges faced by young people from different countries playing football as they strive for their dreams. Some may play football for survival, some for family life, and some for fun and entertainment. Exercise. But in the story of Captain Tsubasa, it is a group of young people headed by Tsubasa who together shoulder the dream of breaking out of the world for Japan. They constantly overcome difficulties, are not afraid of hardships, equip themselves, and use a positive attitude to become stronger when they encounter strength to make the dream come true. We can build a team that grows from small to large; everyone is a hero and respects each other. They can put aside their dignity and unite for a more extraordinary dream. They strive to make progress from the perspective of mutual appreciation. These are all things that often touch me.

In real society, whether in Hong Kong or Japan, it is not easy to have a group of young men who share the same dream, let alone embark on the road to be the best in the world together. But we still need to believe in the dream and, more importantly, work hard, keep working hard for this innocent dream as long as you persevere and take action for your interests. Like the Space Wings, you can love football to the extreme and make it a friend. With hard work day by day, we will be on the same road together one day. People will be attracted by you and come together to achieve bigger dreams with you.

Tang Yat Shing, Sunny

January 8, 2024

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