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回顧 2023 Review



回顧這一年的過程, 看著大家成長的轉變!確是滿是感動. 有些同學由沒有自信, 到一步步克服困難走到現在, 已懂得用行動表達自己. 有的由自我封閉, 事事困於內裡, 到走出個人安舒區幫助他人. 更有的同學由受金錢,工作,生活困於枷鎖, 到勇於放下一切包袱和老我, 突破心理關口, 给機會再找回自己, 更新重塑, 回到初心得到新的力量. 你們每一個活生生的生命故事, 都令我作為導師, 作為您們身邊的同行者感到自豪感動!就算身體承受多辛苦也是值得的!特別係看到你們一個個用血汗換來的作品, 這些成果都不是個個人能像你們一樣做到達到的, 要好好珍惜這得到的一切所學, 捉緊自己的夢想.

2024年係很風高浪急的一年, 將會充滿挑戰及全球不明朗的社會環境. 但是大家要好好抱緊信念, 繼續加強裝備自己, 就算在困難當中也能夠創出不一樣的機會, 活出自己更好的人生!

祝福大家及家人繼續有健康的身體,平安幸福,事事如意, 係2024年個個都能夠順利實現自己的目標, 繼續與大家同行. Happy New Year 🥳🥳🎊🎊

鄧日昇 記錄於2023年12月21日


Today is the last day of 2023,

Looking back on this year's process, I watched everyone’s growth and transformation! It is genuinely touching. Some students have gone from having no self-confidence to overcoming difficulties step by step and now know how to express themselves through actions. Some have gone from being self-isolated and trapped in everything to stepping out of their comfort zones to help others. Some students have gone from being under shackles of money, work, and life to having the courage to let go of all the baggage and the old self, breaking through the psychological barrier, giving the opportunity to find themselves again, renew and reshape, return to the original intention and gain new strength. Your life stories make me feel proud and moved as a mentor and fellow traveler around you! No matter how hard the body endures, it is worth it! Especially when I see the work you have gained with your blood and sweat. Not everyone can achieve these achievements like you. You must cherish everything you have learned and hold on to your dreams.

2024 will be a very stormy year, full of challenges and an uncertain global social environment. However, everyone must hold on to their faith and continue to equip themselves better to create different opportunities and live a better life despite difficulties. Create a better life for yourself!

I hope you and your family have continued health, peace, and happiness and that everything goes well. I hope everyone can successfully achieve their goals in 2024 and continue to walk with you. Happy New Year 🥳🥳🎊🎊

Tang Yat Shing, Sunny

December 31, 2023

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