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About Astro Heart 於我們

Astro Heart is a private animation and visual effects academy based in Hong Kong. Our instructors have years of experience in teaching computer animation. Over the past 15 years, we have nurtured over 300 professionals and animators for the local film industry, gaming, and animation market. Our alumni have participated in the production of more than 10 local films, over 100 advertisements, and animated films. In addition to education, we also collaborate with graduates to participate in animation/film/digital gaming/film entertainment creation in Hong Kong and overseas, allowing students to apply what they have learned.

“Turn dreams into reality with creativity.”
Use your determination and hard work to achieve your goals and dreams.


Astro Heart是一間位於香港的私營動畫及視覺特效專業學院,我們的導師擁有多年的電腦動畫教學經驗,在過去的15年裡,已為本港的電影業、遊戲和動畫市場培育了超過320名專業人才及動畫師,參與製作了10多部本地電影及超過100個廣告和動畫片。教育以外,我們亦會與畢業生共同參與香港及海外的動畫 / 電影 / 數碼遊戲 / 影視娛樂創作,讓學員學以致用。



Our History 我們的歷史

Astro Heart's teaching team started in 2008 with the Computer Animation Training Program. Since then, more than 2,500 students have participated in our training programs. Some of them have become outstanding animators and artists in the industry, shining in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia, and creating impressive visual effects and animated films. To keep up with the global development of digital media, we officially established the Astro Heart Film Academy in October 2022. The academy provides professional skills training for those who aspire to work in the film and digital media industry in Hong Kong, cultivating more future computer effects masters.

Astro Heart 的教學團隊始於 2008 年,從電腦動畫師培訓計劃開始至今,已有超過 2,500 名學生參加了我們的培訓項目,部分今天已成為業界傑出的動畫師及美術工作者,在香港和亞洲等地發光發亮,創作出令人驚嘆及印象深刻的視覺特效和動畫片。為配合全球數碼媒體的發展,我們於 2022 年 10 月,正式成立Astro Heart電影學院,為香港有志從事電影及數碼媒體工作的人士,提供專業的技能培訓,培育更多未來的電腦特效大師。

Rooted in Hong Kong, think globally. Bring outstanding creations to the global animation, game, visual effects and film industries.



Vision 願景

Mission 使命

Provide professional education in computer animation and visual effects to cultivate talents for the global digital media and film industry.



  • New York International Film Awards 
    Best Animation in April (TOCAT Creative Team)


  • Hong Kong Most Innovative Solutions Award
    The Best School of Animation & Visual Effects of the Year

  • Japan 25th DigiCon6 ASIA Awards
    Merit Award (TOCAT Creative Team)

  • Malaysia SEA Kre8tif! Animation Awards 
    Best International Animation (TOCAT Creative Team)

  • Taiwan Bahamut ACG Award 
    Preferred Award (TOCAT Creative Team)


  • Japan 23th DigiCon6 ASIA Awards
    Merit Award


  • Japan 19th DigiCon6 ASIA Awards
    Regional Award for recognition of effort in Hong Kong


  • Hong Kong Music Video Awards
    Bronze Award for Best Director 

  • Japan 16th TBS DigiCon6 Awards
    Regional Award for recognition of effort in Hong Kong


  • Hong Kong ICT Awards 
    Best Digital Entertainment (Animation) Bronze Award


  • Hong Kong ICT Awards 
    Best Digital Entertainment Award Gold Award


  • Hong Kong International Mobile Film Awards 
    Best Animation Bronze Award

  • 4th Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival
    Best Editing, ‘ESET NOD32’ Best Advertisement


  • Hong Kong ICT Awards 
    Best Digital Entertainment Award Bronze Award

  • 3rd Hong Kong Mobile Film Festival 
    Best Animation, 3GTV China Most Popular Award, Best Editing

  • Japan 11th TBS DigiCon6 Awards
    Regional Award for recognition of effort in Hong Kong

Award 獎項

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