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Production Studio 畫及媒體工作室

Strengthen students' practical experience and prepare them for employment.


Astro Heart is not just the film academy. We are an award-winning art and animation studio in Hong Kong. We also have been producing high-quality animation and top computer graphic work for an international clientele from a wide range of industries. Our Founder has over 20 years of experience in the creative industry. He worked as a technical director and professional consultant for films and commercials in Hong Kong.


We also provide professional services on 2D and 3D animation for feature films, game trailers & short film projects. Our services include script writing, storyboards, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, simulation, and special effects. Through different commercial production, we can help students more accurately grasp the professional skills and real work experience required in the industry.

Astro Heart 不僅僅是電影學院。 我們是香港屢獲殊榮的藝術及動畫工作室,一直以來為來自各行各業的國際客戶製作高質量的動畫及頂級電腦圖像作品。我們的創始人在創意行業擁有超過20
年的經驗,曾在本港不同電影及廣告中擔任技術總監和專業顧問。我們還為故事片、遊戲預告片和動畫短片項目提供2D和3D動畫的專業服務。 我們的服務包括腳本編寫、故事板、建模、紋理、裝配、動畫、模擬和特殊效果。通過不同的商業製作,幫助學生更準確地掌握行業所需的專業技能和實際工作經驗。


Nina Park 如心園
Timescope VR & Intro Animation Video  - 2023 Dec

Producer & Director: Sunny Tang
Visual Design & Animation: Gloria Chan, Mei Liu, Louis Tang
TOCAT Creative
Animator Intern: Dorothy Chan, Alvin Suen, 
Jacky Ngo, Cheong Pak Him

Sound Design: Alan Ng@Infinity Sound
Project Management: Eric@Kingsmen HK
Production Partner: Matthew@Simage Animation


MV Animation Intro  - 2022 Dec

Director: Sunny Tang
Creative: Daniel Cheung@WeLoveProduction
Scriptwriter: Alex Lee & Thomas Lee
Illustration: Mandy Mackenzie Ng
Animation: Gloria Chan & Mei Liu
@TOCAT Creative
Cel Animation
: Siu Fong
Music Design: Wan Pin Chu
Sound Design: Alan Ng@Infinity Sound
Project Management: Gigi Leung & Leo Cheung@
Executive Producer: Sam Kong


Animation & Visual Design

From creative titles and graphics to stylize CGI animations. Our artists develop aesthetic solutions by creating unique visions that fit every emotion.
Our team combines top-notch craftsmanship and design with proprietary tools and techniques to create powerful, engaging, imaginative creatures and characters filled with dreamy and familiar worlds.

從標題和圖形到風格化的 CGI 動畫。 我們的藝術家通過創造適合每一種情感的獨特視覺來開發不同的美學解決方案。我們的團隊將一流的工藝和設計與我們專有的工具和技術相結合,創造出強大、有趣和真正富有想像力的生物和角色,這些生物和角色充滿了夢幻和熟悉的世界。


Feature Film Animation, Visual Effect & Digital Game Production

We provide professional services in 2D and 3D animation & VFX for feature films, game trailers & short film projects. Our services include script writing, storyboards, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, simulation, and special effects.

我們會為故事片、遊戲預告片和動畫短片項目提供 2D 和 3D 動畫和視覺特效的專業服務。 我們的服務包括腳本編寫、故事板、建模、紋理、裝配、動畫、模擬和特殊效果。


Motion Graphic & Brand Video

Use motion graphics videos to tell their stories and communicate with the audience. They use cartoon characters with their brand style, abstract objects, or graphic icons. The formula for telling great stories through this style is minimalism, which uses only the elements needed to tell a story and powerful transition effects to increase engagement.

You can build emotional connections through storytelling and win the love of your target audience. The way to tell beautiful stories through this style is to design and produce animations so the audience can immediately establish contact with themselves. Enhancing customer impressions are the key to success.

使用動態圖形視頻講述他們的故事並與觀眾交流。 他們使用帶有品牌風格、抽象對像或圖形圖標的卡通人物。 通過這種風格講述精彩故事的公式是極簡主義,它只使用講述故事所需的元素,並使用強大的過渡效果來增加參與度。您可以通過講故事的方式建立情感聯繫,贏得目標受眾的喜愛。 通過這種風格講述精彩故事的方法是設計和製作動畫,讓觀眾立即與自己建立聯繫。 提升客戶印象是成功的關鍵。

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